David Thorne Hums the Theme from Space 1999 and Other Christmas Classics

I'd rather listen to monkeys screaming.

simon dempsey

Forged almost entirely from thermoplastic polymers, David Thorne Hums the Theme from Space 1999 and Other Christmas Classics contains over 26 popular Christmas tracks including the theme from that movie about the big boat and that other one about the two guys.

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Thanks for the CD. Just so you know, you can hear a dog barking on the track called That Exciting Bit in Excalibur.

Jennifer Haines

I could only listen to it for a few minutes before I began to twitch.

Gina Caretti

Is this the kind of thing you do in your spare time? You need to get a life. I listened to about 1 second of it and threw it in the bin. Don't send me your stupid shit and I expect the stuff about me on the website to be deleted. I spoke to a lawyer and he said I could sue you for defamation.

Lucius Thaller

Is this really my xmas present? I'm glad I didn't get you anything now.

Melissa Peters

How is the Neighbours theme a christmas song? And you called it A song about people by that guy. Worst CD I have ever heard.

Jason Lowe

I was actually embarrassed for you. Did you seriously sit there and hum the whole thing? I pressed the next button every time you started humming. I don't even want it in my house in case someone accidentally plays it.

Mark Pearcy

Wow. More proof that you really are a complete moron. A whole cd of you humming? I hope you sank a lot of money into this and starve to death.

Robert Schaefer

Merry Christmas to you too and thanks for the music CD. One of the guys came in to see what I was listening to and asked if you have down syndrome.

Jaimie Holding

Quick question. Were you loading a dishwasher while humming the track 'That song that guy with the big jacket sings'? Andrew thinks you're tapping out a pipe but it sounds more like dishes to me.

Lori Snell

How long did it take you to do this? This is the kind of thing I was talking about. Did you do this during work hours? Is that you humming on the disk? You sound like an idiot.

Simon Edhouse

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