The Internet is a Playground by David Thorne

Blurs the line between genius and insanity.


New York Times best seller. Over a million copies sold and translated into five languages. Includes the viral emails: Missing Missy; Overdue Account, Obvious Foggot; Simon’s Pie Charts; Matthew’s Party; Permission Slip, and more. The Internet Is a Playground is the first book release by David Thorne.

Available now from leading bookstores and Amazon. Signed copies include collector bookmark and sticker. Note: Due to an increase in USPS shipping prices, signed copies are currently limited to North America.

ISBN 9780988689503  PAGES 280  PUBLISHED 2010

It's a rare occurance when a book can take you from a raised eyebrow to hysterical laughter on every page. This should come with a bright red warning sticker for asthmatics.

The Sydney Morning Herald

Brilliant, original, and astonishingly funny.

The New York Times

Amazon B&N Penguin signed

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