Let's Eat Grandma's Pills

Mercilessly funny.


Love is like cleaning out a garage; you have to move stuff around to put other stuff where the first stuff was. Eventually you purchase a multipurpose storage rail system from Lowes and there’s a proper spot for stuff and you’re going to keep it clean this time, you just need a few more of the rail things - maybe a couple of the prongs and the one shaped like an S. What is that for? Is it to hold a rake? Nobody knows and nobody has a perfectly clean garage; leaves blow in, stuff doesn’t get put away because you’re going to use it again in a minute, and you have to keep the offcuts of wood covered in spider webs just in case you decide to build a birdhouse.

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ISBN 9781735328645  PAGES 232  PUBLISHED DEC 2023

An absolute feast for fans of Thorne's unique brand of humour.

The Sunday Post

Extraordinarily entertaining. I couldn't put it down.

Mil Millington

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