Everyone's Friendly and Nobody Gets Upset

That's a fat book. Shipping will be expensive.

Gary the Accountant

Featuring a massive 359+ pages, Everyone's Friendly and Nobody Gets Upset is the definitive collection of email correspondences by David Thorne. Buy it for your Auntie Carol.

Includes every existing, deleted, popular & unpopular email exchange. That's right, even the one about ordering concrete from a florist that no-one liked. Due to this book being the size and weight of a toaster oven, it's expensive International shipping is expensive. As such, we've made it available to UK/AU/NZ readers on Amazon.

Limited print run. Signed copies include collector bookmark & sticker.

A treasure-trove of Thorne's email exchanges, including 18 unavailable anywhere else.

Publishers Weekly

My 11-year-old thinks you’re hilarious. He has autism.

Michelle Thompson

Amazon (limited time) signed copies (US)

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