Do you have a N33 adapter cable?
Hello, my name is Joanne and my hobbies include laughing in the mirror, sitting at the window, and writing poetry. When I was nine, I was traded to wandering gypsies for six onions.
I have a poster of a dolphin in my bedroom and a picture of a tiger on my quilt. I call the tiger Mishka. Sometimes I lie on my quilt and pat him and tell him my problems.
I have an input plug in my car so that I can play songs from an iPod. I don’t own an iPod but if I had a friend with an iPod, I'd say, “Hey girlfriend, lets play music from your iPod through my stereo, do you have a N33 adapter cable?” and they would, and we’d listen to Keith Urban.
I have a Teac television in my bedroom. I bought it from Cash Converters. It was ninety dollars but I talked them down to seventy-five and got two VHS videos with it - Splash and Cannonball Run.
I have a mobile phone tower in my backyard. Here's some of my poetry:

My Gaping Soul

The sadness and the joy are one. Like that Bon Jovi song where he's at the Grand Canyon.

My Chair

My chair is near the window.
I have venetian blinds so I can see out but people can't see in.
If I turn the lights out, I can sit there the whole night and nobody knows I am watching.

Ruffles and Others

I have a cat named Ruffles.
I have more cats but they don't have names.


The photos on the neon backed menu boards at McDonalds never look like the actual product. Except the apple pie.
I will have one of those.