Forged almost entirely from thermoplastic polymers, this CD contains over 26 popular Christmas tracks such as the theme from that movie about the big boat and that other one about the two guys.

Format 60 minute CD
Release Date Remastered Edition / 2016

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Thanks for the xmas present dickhead. Is this really the kind of thing you do in your spare time? You need to get a life. I listened to about 1 second of it and threw it in the bin. Don't send me your stupid shit and I expect the stuff about me on the website to be deleted. I spoke to a lawyer and he said I could sue you for defamation.
Lucius, Courier

What the fuck is this supposed to be? I played it in the car on the way to work and it is just you humming. I put up with it for about 10 seconds and skipped to the next track and it is just more humming. The whole thing is you humming.
Simon Dempsey, Graphic Designer

World's worst Christmas album. Ever.
Andrew Whittaker, Programmer

Thanks for the CD. Just thought you might like to know that you can hear a dog barking outside on the track called That exciting bit in Excalibur.
Daniel Peters, Account Rep

I got your CD today. Is this really a whole CD of you humming? None of the songs on it are even Christmas songs apart from track 4 the one about the tree and I can hear you making a coffee and stirring it. Is this really my xmas present?
Shannon Walkley, Secretary

How is the Neighbours theme a christmas song? And you called it "A song about people by that guy". Worst cd I have ever heard.
Jason Lowe, Magazine Editor

Not interested in your rubbish. Next time you think "I will send Peter something stupid" just dont.
Peter Williams, Shark whisperer

Man that is just sad. I lol'd and then I put it on and listened to it and I was embarrassed for you. Did you seriously sit there and hum the whole thing? I was pushing the next button every time you started humming. I don't even want it in the house in case someone accidentally plays it again.
Mark Pearcy, Jewellry Designer

Hi, I got your cd in the post today. If this is really my present I hope you are not expecting anything good from me this year.
1. It is just humming.
2. The cover photo and track titles are just tragic.
3. It says Christmas classics but there are no christmas songs.
4. The titles on the back just say "that song from that thing" etc.
5. You can hear you washing dishes and stuff.
Jenny Leavesly, Photographer

Received your christmas present. You should definately get some kind of professional help. How much did this cost you to make?
Donna Gillespie, Illustrator

Merry Christmas to you too and thanks for the music cd. The track listings made me laugh. One of the guys came in to see what I listening to and he said it sounded like you were one of those kids with down syndrome.
Jaimie Holding, Copy writer

Thanks for the worst cd ever created in the history of cds. I would rather listen to monkees screaming.
Brian Mitchell, Accountant

Wow. More proof that you really are a complete dickhead. A whole cd of you humming? I hope you sank a lot of money into this and starve to death.
Robert Schaefer , Managing Director

How long did it take you to do this? This is exactly the kind of thing I was talking about. If you took as much time filling in your time sheets as fucking about you would get along fine. Did you do this during work hours? Is that you humming on the disk? You sound like a fucking idiot.
Kevin Eastwood, Account Rep

Davey. This disk of you humming is a joke? Nobody will buy a cd of someone humming. You are not even humming christmas songs. You should buy a guitar and I will teach you how to play.
Jon de Peinder, Designer

Could only listen to about 10 seconds of each song before I began to twitch.
Lisa Holding, Retail manager

Hi. I got your package this morning. Pretty terrible. On track 4 you can hear you doing things in the sink. It sounds like you are washing dishes or something. On track 2 you can hear a dog barking in the background and there is heaps of stuff in the other tracks. I can hear you lighting a cigarette in one of them. If you set out to make the lamest CD ever you have done a pretty good job.
Mandy Harris, Receptionist


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