Rumour that Thomas takes a photo of Carol Brady to the hairdresser proven unfounded.

For some time it has been rumoured that Thomas takes a photo of Carol Brady to the hairdresser. As this photographic evidence shows, the two haircuts have major differences.
You may also notice from the above photo that Carol has eight people who enjoy her company.

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The Photo Shoot

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Here is finally conclusive evidence that there are indeed considerable differences between the two haircuts. Tom's hair is a shade darker and Carol's has slightly more body - possibly due to the two using different shampoo and conditioning products - Carol uses Johnson & Johnson brand while Thomas uses the natural oils from his body which Lillian harvests for him using a custom made spatula.

This enlargement shows Carol Brady's hair has a slightly redder tint than Tom's with highlights towards the sides.

This photgraph shows Tom's hair does not have highlights towards the sides and could be described as having a consistent colour.


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