Hello, my name is Shannon and I eat oranges like a snake.
Due to an extendable jaw and high acidic saliva levels, I have found that consuming an orange whole and digesting it over the space of many hours like a snake requires no effort at all.
Click here to view artist's impression of my head on a snake. Note, this is not a real photograph.
I once ate a cantaloupe but it took many days to digest.
People sometimes assume when they see a hint of orange in my mouth that I'm wearing a fashionable form of braces or afflicted with a medical condition requiring me to wear a mouthguard at all times - possibly in case of falling over during a seizure or maybe even that sleeping illness you see in movies sometimes.
I'm essentially comatosed while I am digesting but this has not affected my work as I can still move my eyes allowing me to look out of the window and keep my eyes on the petty cash tin.