from the album Vision Thing by Sisters of Mercy

Andrew Eldritch used to be too cool for school. I grew my hair for four years to look like him before someone told me I looked more like Edward Scissorhands and I cut it. I first heard this song almost twenty years ago while doing 160kph in a stolen Mercedes down a dark highway on a dark and rainy night. Which would be sort of cool if it were true. It was actually while riding a horse, listening to a walkman on a sunny day which is not very cool.
I worked at a horse riding school and had to get up at 5am every morning, break the ice on top of the horses water troughs, feed and then groom the horses. As the riding school catered for school camps, every day I would ride the lead horse on a set path through creeks and hills with five to ten 'follower horses' behind carrying school kids.
To make sure the follower horses did nothing but follow, each was fed a blue pill every morning. No matter what the kids did - kick, hit, fall off, the horse would just follow. Because the job was so repetitive, I used to lick the blue pills before giving them to the horses. Apparently I worked there for over a year but I don't remember any of it.

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Sing along with the Lyrics:

Im lying on my back now
The stars look all too near
Flowers on the razor wire
I know youre here
We are few
And far between
I was thinking about her skin
Love is a many splintered thing
Dont be afraid now
Just walk on in

flowers on the razor wire
walk on in

Her eyes were cobalt red
Her voice was cobalt blue
I see no purple light
Crashing out of you
So just walk on in

flowers on the razor wire
walk on in

Her lovers queued up in the hallway
I heard them scratching at the door
I tried to tell her
About marx and engels, God and angels
I dont really know what for
But she looked good in ribbons
So just walk on in
She looked good in ribbons
So just walk on in

Tie a red red red red red red ribbon
Love is a many splintered thing
Tie a red red red red ribbon
Dont be afraid
Just walk on in
Just walk on in... incoming...

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