Free Lifesize Lucius™ cutout doll.

I may have indicated in a previous post that the purchase of a certain shirt comes with a free Lifesize Lucius™ doll. Due to having completely made this up, the doll was not delivered with the product so I have made this page for those who feel hard done by.

Download your very own Lifesize Lucius™ PDF

and cut out your free Lifesize Lucius™ doll, take a snapshot of him doing something and you could WIN one of infinity WTDL? T-Shirts featuring poor grammar. Your chances are pretty good as nobody wants them.

Sexy time Lucius.

Those are not just sexy underpants, they are sexy underpants full of luciusness. Like a boy scout, Lucius is always prepared and knows the best way to bait a trap is with love.

Hells Angel Lucius.

He's a bad boy ladies, playing by his own rules and showing an utter lack of respect for authority apart from the police, road rules and signs.

Shower time Lucius.

Scrubbing up and shaving down for a big night out. He's sure to pick up because he is one of the top five good lookingest guys in Adelaide. He's fresh, fragrant and economical due to a single bar of soap lasting several years.


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