Kaleth the Adelaide gothic

Once when I was a bat, I flew to my friends house and tapped on his window. The next day he told me that he saw a bat outside his window and I told him that it was me but he didn't believe me.

Hello, my name is Kaleth. My real name is Darryl but my friends call me Kaleth. I asked them to and some of them said they would. I am a vampire and a creature of the night which is why my friends and I stand in the middle of the Mall during the day discussing bats and being misunderstood.

My cousin Justin wants to be a gothic as well but you can't just become a gothic, you are either creative and sensitive like I am or you are not. I agreed to meet him at the mall to stand in the middle and discuss bats and being misunderstood but when he got there it was obvious that his top was actually very dark blue and not black so I did not let him.

I was playing my Best of Siouxsie and the Banshees cassette really loud the other day while doing some gothic dancing and my neighbour slipped a note under my door that read "turn it down batman". He calls me batman because I painted my front door black with bats on it so that it looks like they are flying out of a cave. One of the bats has my face on it and my best friend Zothecula said that it is the best painting he has ever seen. If my neighbour knew that I could cast a magic spell that would just kill him straight away, he would be more careful.

Yes, we gothics are more creative and sensitive than you but that doesn't mean we can't all get along. We understand you so I think that you should at least try to understand us. I have made this video in the hopes of bridging the gap between us, the children of the night, and those that are not creative and sensitive.

This is a photo of my best friend Zothecula and I. We are going to live forever because we are both vampires.

We met on an internet chat site for gothics called last year and now we regularly catch the bus to the mall to stand in the middle and talk about bats and being misunderstood. I met my internet girlfriend Nightblade on the same site and we had planned to get married in a graveyard at midnight but she turned out to be an old guy living in a caravan so that didn't work out.


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The second book is out now. All new, never before published material.

The first book has debuted at #4 on the New York Times Bestseller list.

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