Do you have a MacBook Pro?
It's ok if you don't own a MacBook Pro because MacBook Pro's are only for creative people.

Hello, my name is Jason and I'm creative because I have a MacBook Pro. It's ok if you don't have a MacBook Pro because MacBook Pro's are only for creative people.

My MacBook Pro is the 12 inch 400mhz version. People are stupid paying so much for the intel Macs. I bought an iBook, painted it silver and used Letraset to write MacBook Pro on it. It is exactly the same as a real one and as I only use Microsoft Word, it suits all my requirements.

My letter to Steve Jobs:

Dear Steve,
Thankyou for inventing the MacBook Pro. It is my friend and it is my lover. On the next model, could you please write the word 'Pro' in bold.
P.S. I watched Pirates of Silicon Valley the other night and thought you were a bit mean to your girlfriend. Apart from that you were really cool. I have a poster of you on my wall.
Love, Jason.

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Everyone agrees with me that I am the most creative person they know. My MacBook Pro allows me to express my creativity by letting everyone know that I own a MacBook Pro. People sometimes ask "Is that a MacBook Pro?" to which I reply, "Yes it is, because I am creative".
Once when I was hiking and became lost in the wilderness, I was attacked by bears. Luckily, I had my MacBook Pro with me which has my face as the desktop picture. I raised the screen high above my head, effectively looking taller to the bears, and they ran away. I then used the shiny titanium case to signal a rescue plane.
The best thing about having a MacBook Pro is that you can take it anywhere. Now I can have Jason time anytime;

On the patio with a cold one.

Over a coffee.

Curling up in bed.

Or just relaxing in the bath.


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