Simon's good ideas for websites.

Hello, my name is Simon and I have compiled a list of my good ideas for websites that would definitely make lots of money. Do not copy these ideas because they are mine.

This would be a website where instead of having to look all over the internet for what you want, it would all be in the one place. This would effectively end the need for search engines so I would have to be careful that google representatives do not kill me in my sleep.

This would be a website where users can write the name of the city and street they are on and I would tell them where they are.

Instead of buying their own pet frog, users would pay a fee and I would buy them a frog and look after it. Users could log on anytime to a live webcam and see how their frog is going and send live requests for me to wave the frog's hand at the camera or bang on the glass if it is sleeping.

A website that contains sound files of different coughs. Each cough would have a description to allow the user to sound match and determine the kind of cough they have before going to the chemist and buying either dry or wet cough medicine.

Users of this website would be able take a photo of their loungeroom and upload it to the site. Then I would tell them what furniture does not look good.

This would be a website where you pay a fee to join and are given your own web page with an empty blog. In the event of your death, you can use the page to write a message to your loved ones. Similar setup to prepaid funerals. Your loved ones can either log on and check whether you have left a message for them or can opt to recieve an email notifying them when you leave a message.

This site would contain a link to the page the user is currently on.

Users of this website would take photos of themselves wearing every combination of every article of clothing they own then upload the images to a user database. Every day, instead of trying on clothing, the user can choose an outfit by simply viewing their choices online.

Similar to facebook but people upload photos of their arms.

A website where you can upload a picture of your chair and then if anyone trys to use your chair and you say "thats my chair" and they say "has it got your name on it" you can send them a link to your photo of the chair which will have the caption 'this is (your name)'s chair'.

A website that is a black page so that people can go there instead of buying a screensaver.

A website where the user takes a screenshot of their computer screen and uploads it so that when they are looking at porn and the boss walks past they can type in the link and go to it instead.

This website would contain pictures of pegs, allowing the user to have access to pictures of pegs whenever they need them.

A website for people having a heart attack.


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