Craig loves dolphins

Hello, my name is Craig and I love dolphins. I wish I was a dolphin. If I was a dolphin I would swim alongside boats and jump out of the water to the awe of the spectators and they would feed me fish. That would be heaps easier than catching them.

Craig's Dolphin Facts:

Dolphins taste like chicken. Really good chicken.
Dolphins can hold their breath for up to eight weeks but need to surface occassionally to look around as they cannot open their eyes under water.
Singing to a Dolphin will make it love you and be your friend for life. Anything by Neil Diamond will do.
Dolphins are not fish. They are mammals. They give birth to live offspring. Usually each dolphin gives birth to eighty or ninety calves at a time but few survive as the mothers eat their young.
I love dolphins so much. They are so graceful, sleek, acrobatic, and wet. If I was a dolphin I would be one of those brave ones that fights sharks.
I read somewhere that the dolpin in Flipper was actually several dolphins as the dolphins kept dying. Or it might have been Skippy the kangaroo, I forget which. Either way it is very sad.
Once when I was swimming, I found myself caught in a rip and was carried far out to sea. After several weeks of treading water, I became too weak and gave up hope. As I slipped from the surface and slowly sank like that guy in the movie Titanic, I was rescued by a friendly dolphin who carried me back to his family and fed and nursed me back to health before constructing a small raft out of kelp for me on which I sailed back to shore.
Ever since that day, I have devoted my life to collecting the most beautiful dolphin sculptures in the world. Here are just a few of my favourites;

The most beautiful and magical creatures of the sea, these magnificent dolphins are captured in their wondrous movement atop the crystal waves. As if mirroring the ocean, the waves sparkle with prismatic colors and dazzling lights. I have this on the dashboard of my 4WD, people often remark on its unique beauty. At almost sixty centimetres height it does obstruct some view but is semi transparent so I do not feel it causes any problem.

In this deliciously decorative delight, a dolphin frolics merrily amongst lacy turquoise reefs. With a charmingly crafted shell for keepsakes, this pleasing scultpture is a dolphin lover's dream! I keep this on my desk at work and use the hanging basket to put my mobile phone in. My ringtone is a dolphin call so everytime my phone rings it is like the dolphin is singing to me. I call this dolphin Carl.

Seashell, dolphins, and coral reef night light. Simply beautiful. If I was a dolphin I would definitely live in an underwater paradise such as this. Leith and I would be the dolphins on the right and the other dolphin would be a friend dropping by. They would remark on what a beautiful home we had and then we would eat that purple fish.

The only way you sleep through this alarm is if you do it on porpoise. Every morning I wake up to the pleasant sound of dolpin laughs, it makes me chipper, ready for the day and aroused.

One of my favourites, three marbelized dolphins form a cosy nest, awaiting the pleasant aromas which will soon drift from the urn of this absolutely stunning oil warmer. Sometimes I light a candle, add my favourite oil and sit watching it while listening to dolphin calls on my ipod.

A mother dolphin teaches her baby the ways of the sea on this blue-glass carved art piece. With tealight holder. If I was the mother dolphin I would teach my baby dolphin that life has no set path but that which you choose.


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