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ISBN 978-0-578-59846-8  |  Release Date DEC 2019  |  Pages 228

100% NEW, never before published materia. Burning Bridges to Light the Way
is the latest release by New York Times best-selling author David Thorne
and is available now.

Includes free bookmark. 228 Pages of all new content including:
Looks Good, Let's Go | Above Ground Pools | Paradise City | Office Fight | Gossip
Hugs Are Always Nice | Safety Squirrel | Burning Bridges
and many more.

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"A hugely entertaining book that will keep you laughing - and crying -
from the first page to the last."

Good Reads

"Fans of Thorne's unique brand of humor will be delighted.
His funniest book in years."
Huffington Post

"Clever, provocative, and gut-wrenchingly funny.
Burning Bridges to Light the Way is an immensely entertaining read."
The Australian

"If you use my last name in the book I’ll stab you in the throat with
the yellow box cutter in my desk drawer.”

Melissa Peters


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New book - Burning Bridges to Light the Way. Pre-order for your chance to win a flamethrower.


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